Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What I eat Wednesday!

Some of my favorite fitness bloggers often do posts like this! They are usually my favorite to read; it's interesting to me to see what other "fit foodies" eat on a daily basis! 

I always start my day off with a cup of coffee with almond milk and stevia. I just purchased these sweet drops from Whole Foods. They pretty much turn your coffee into a Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks.. Just sayin'.

For breakfast I created this beautiful masterpiece haha, a breakfast sweet potato! All you need is half a sweet potato, 1 tbsp of almond butter, and a generous sprinkle of a dried fruit and nut mix! It's like candy for breakfast. So sweet and delicious. 

When I get home from class I like to have a little something before I workout to keep my energy up. Today I opted for 1 egg with spinach and half an orange. 

After my workout my go to snack is a protein smoothie. I blend 1 cup of coconut water, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder,  1tbsp of ground flaxseed, and 1/2 a frozen banana.

Lunch! I usually have some type of sandwhich for lunch almost every day. I used a brown rice tortilla and stuffed it with sliced turkey, peppers, onions, jalepeno, lettuce, and hummus!

For dinner I had sautéed eggplant and zucchini in roasted vegetable pasta sauce with shrimp. So good. I topped it with red pepper flakes and nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast? Yea, don't knock it until you try it haha. 

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